TinyPontoonBoats.com is owned and operated by Silver Lake Fabrication LLC D.B.A Tiny Pontoon Boats. Yes, it's a mouthful! We're a small family business that's built around our metal fabrication shop. The shop was started by Aaron Leclerc in a small single garage bay on Silver Lake in Belmont, NH, where he repaired tractor parts and implements. The business has grown and transformed quite a bit since then. For years, we built a line of tractor implements, forklift accessories, and truck accessories. We built up our skills and grew a decent size customer base, as well as our collection of shop equipment. In 2014 we built a new larger shop in Concord, NH and promptly filled it right up. In the Spring of 2018, we discontinued our line of snow plows to be able to focus on our core customers, and then in 2019 we stopped building steel products altogether to be able to focus on our real passion.

Our real passion is and always has been aluminum. The steel tractor, forklift, and truck accessories paid the bills, but that was not where we wanted to go with this business. We now work primarily with aluminum, and in early 2019, we also decided to follow a dream that was brewing in Aaron's head for quite some time: we were going to build pontoon boats! Well, sort of. To help diversify our business, Aaron had been developing side products for a while. He designed and marketed a line of tractor covers (made by a partnering factory), populated a page with logging gear, and had built up a site called TinyPontoonBoats.com. Our little boat site had been selling a line of plastic floats that he had acquired, as well as a line of locally made cast aluminum dock hardware. Unfortunately, we had to drop the dock hardware because of supply problems, but the plastic floats did quite well for us. They were doing well enough that we decided to develop that end of the business further. In the spring of 2019, we designed an easy to bolt-together aluminum frame system and had intentions of offering complete boats. However, we quickly found out that it would be BONKERS expensive to insure the business if we built complete boats and shipping completed boats was basically impossible. However, we could sell easy to ship kits at a reasonable price. We put in the work and designed, tested, and developed our line of small line bolt-together pontoon boat kits, and it has really taken off for us.

Since the introduction of our floats and frame kits, we really have been on quite a ride. Every day we speak with people around the globe who are excited about building one of our kits. We love that people share our passion for adventure, and love the idea of our kit being the base for their plan. Our boat kits have now gone all over the world and are used for all sorts of exciting things. We have customers who build autonomous and remote controlled boats (lots of water testing equipment), boats used to hold water pumps for mining and dredging operations, small house boats, mini work barges, and of course, lots and lots of boats just for fun.

In mid 2020, we started developing a scaled up version of our bolt-together frame system, and we finally released it in October 2020. We get a lot of inquires from people looking to build large boats with our giant 37" floats, so we had to make it happen. It was a BIG investment, but we now offer HUGE pontoon boat and barge systems on the bigasspontoonboats.com page. This new system allow the end user to build a barge up to 18'x40' with a capacity of just over 37,000 pounds. That's simply ridiculous!

We have been very fortunate that this end of our business has done well. We're still working hard on new product development and are excited about what's ahead of us. If you would like to follow our story, please check out our Facebook page by clicking on the image below. We hope to be part of your next adventure and thank you for reading about us!