Tiny Pontoon Boats sell more than just floats and frames. We also sell fence systems, engine mounting brackets, steering consoles, and all sorts of other pontoon boat parts and accessories to get you out on the water. Please scroll through our offerings below.


Our pontoon boat trolling motor brackets are designed to work with clamp-on trolling motors with up to 80 pounds of thurst. These motors are referred to as "transom-mount" motors and come equipped with a bracket that has screw clamps, as shown. Our trolling motor mounts are made from 6061 aluminum with a HDPE plastic spacer block, which provides a 1.5" thick mounting surface. When selecting a trolling motor for use with these brackets, 36" and 42" shaft lengths work well with our boat kits with 17" floats, and 52" shaft length is required to work with our boat kits with 26" wide floats. When purchased with a boat kit, mounting holes come pre-drilled and stainless steel mounting hardware is included.


Our 6 HP pontoon boat transoms are intended for use with our pontoon boat kits with 17" floats. These modular engine mounting brackets are made to work with long-shaft outboard motors and have a 14° tilt angle. The mounting plate is raised up so you can easily reach the tiller handle on your motor if you are not setting up a remote steering boat (steering wheel and remote mounted control box). The mounting plate is also height adjustable so you can dial in the position of your motor. These brackets are made out of 6061 aluminum with a HDPE plastic spacer block that makes for a 1.5" thick mounting plate for engines with clamp-on mounting brackets. When purchased with a boat kit, mounting holes come pre-drilled and stainless steel mounting hardware is included.


Our 20 HP pontoon boat transoms are intended for use with our pontoon boat kits with 26" floats. These modular engine mounting brackets are made to work with remote control (steering wheel and remote shift/throttle control box) long-shaft outboard motors and have a 14° tilt angle. At this time we do not have an appropriate transom for mounting a tiller steer outboard engine on our pontoon boat kits with 26" floats. Our modular 20 HP engine mounting bracket has a height adjustable transom plate so you can dial in the position of your motor and is made with 6061 aluminum. If using a clamp-on engine (most 9.9 HP and larger engines bolt to the transom plate), you will require a 1" thick spacer block (available upon request). When purchased with a boat kit, mounting holes come pre-drilled and stainless steel mounting hardware is included.


Our in-house built 3-piece fence system is made for those who need a simple, yet stylish fence system for their small boat. The rear corners have a 7" outer radius and these systems are available for boats with both remote steering (steering wheel) and tiller steer engines. The remote steer fence has a small 14"x14" opening in the rear panel to run control cables and hoses through, as well as reach your pull starter handle. Our tiller steer version has a large 34" wide, 26" tall opening in the rear so the tiller steering handle on your boat motor can reach through and get the full range of motion. This fence system is made from 1"x1", 0.125" wall 6063 aluminum square tube. This makes for a durable fence that's still light weight. When you order one of our systems, we offer it as either just the bare fence (no solid side panels) or with soft sides, which require installation. Current pricing for our kits is listed below.

Aluminum fence system pricing:
6'x11' kit: $1910
6'x14' kit: $2050
7'x12' kit: $2150
8'x12' kit: $2150
7'x15' kit: $2350
8'x15' kit: $2350

Soft panels:

We offer accessory soft panel systems made for our 3-piece fence systems. These panels are made from a tough 22oz vinyl coated poly-weave material that you rivet to the bottom of the fence, then string up to the mid-rail on the fence system with a durable paracord. The required large-head rivets and paracord are included and we'll be posting clear pictures and instructions for the installation process soon. The panels are a super-tough material that we have tested up to 80 MPH on our shop boat on the highway and have had no trouble in the years that we've been using it for both that and a line of tractor covers that we sell in another part of our business. Our panel kits are panels have brass grommets and are currently available in black, blue, gray, light tan, red, and white. We will typically be offering green panels as well, but that material is currently out of stock. Color samples for these materials will be posted soon as well. Once again, please be aware that these panels do not come installed, and honestly, these are a 6 out of 10 on the DIY difficulty scale to install. Pricing is listed below.

Soft panel pricing:
6'x11' kit: $299
6'x14' kit: $339
7'x12' kit: $369
8'x12' kit: $369
7'x15' kit: $399
8'x15' kit: $419

Our 3-piece fence systems ship from our aluminum fabrication shop in Concord, NH and are best to ship with boat frame systems as we can include it in the same shipment for very little additional cost. If ordering one of our fence systems separate from a boat kit order, shipping is via truck freight only and shipping is not included in our pricing. We do not have an automated freight calculator, so please contact us for a freight quote if not local to us in NH.


We will soon have a few different options for steering consoles and steering pedistals for our pontoon boats. We currently have available a mini plastic helm and will soon be introducing a few different options for aluminum steering pedistals. By popular demand, our offset aluminum helm is coming back too! Here's what we have available and what we're working on for designs.


Our plastic mini consoles are just the right size for our small boats. They are stout, yet light weight parts that are molded out of high-quality polyethylene. They come equipped with two stainless cup holders and a handle on the top. These rotomolded control pods have shells that are approximately 0.29" thick throughout and have a 3/8" thick HDPE reinforcement plate behind the dash panel. Our small consoles are approximately 35" tall overall, 19" wide, and 13" deep. The top of the plastic portions of the console is 32" tall and the center of the dash panel is approximately 29 1/2" from the base. Our mini pontoon boat steering and control consoles are made in the US and drop-ship from the factory in NC. Our mini consoles are available in white, olive green, seafoam green, and safety orange.

-Shipping is $49 within the continental US!


If you intend to trailer your small boat kit, you'll need a way to strap it down to your trailer. Our set of four tie-down brackets will do the trick! Made with short lengths of our hat channel and formed 1/2" aluminum round bar, these brackets bolt under your boat and are made to the specific boat kit you have or are ordering. We've been using the same design on our demo boats for years and they work great. These brackets are sold as a set of four and include the required stainless steel mounting hardware.


If you need to be able to lift your mini pontoon boat out of the water with a crane, our lift plate set allows you to do that in a safe manner. This kit includes four machined and TIG welded lift plates, specially machined spacers that fit into our aluminum decking (so it doesn't get crushed when you bolt down the plates), and required stainless steel mounting hardware. These plates are designed to accept lift shackles with 1/2" diameter pins (not included), and we recommend McMaster part number 3558T48 for this application.


With a pontoon boat, there's not much that's flat to put your bow numbers on. This takes care of that. Our pontoon boat bow number plates are machined from 1/8" thick 6061 aluminum, are 27" long, and 4" tall. We find these dimensions to work best with 3" tall numbers and letters. These plates come with four holes ready for the included 3/16" diameter stainless rivets and attach easily to the deck boards on our boat kits. They can also be used on other brand pontoon boats by mounting them to the fence or deck trim. These plates come as bare aluminum (not polished or painted) and are sold in pairs.


These are the rope cleats that we prefer to use on our boats. They are 6" long, 1 3/8" tall overall, and have holes for 1/4" mounting screws. These parts are made from a light weight cast aluminum and are plenty strong for our small boats up to 15' in length.


-$104.99 PER 95.75" LENGTH

This is the same aluminum hat channel that we use for the frame crossmembers on our boats. These channels have wide flanges that are easy to bolt through and are easily cut to length to fit your needs. When we designed this extrusion, we wanted a material that would be both light-weight and strong. As it's tough to find frame crossmembers if you're rebuilding or repairing an exsiting aluminum tube pontoon boat, we also wanted a design that would work with other boats on the market. Most manufacturers will not sell their frame crossmembers individually, so we wanted to fill that need. Some details are listed below.

1.56 pounds per linear foot
Mill finish 6005A/T6511 aluminum
Available in 95.75" lenghts

Our hat channel comes in a 95 3/4" length. Why this length? Most other brand pontoon boats are 8' wide, but once a shipment gets even a hair over 8' in length, which it would if we were to ship 96" long pieces after adding our packaging (just shrink wrap is enough to bump it over 96" long), the cost of shipping QUADRUPLES. That 96" mark for length is killer when it comes to the cost of shipping. With our channel being 1/4" under 96", we can package it to make sure it arrives safely, and stay just under 96". Also, robbing 1/8" from either side of your 8' boat will not cause any trouble whatsoever. To the right we have a dimensioned cross-section diagram for this material, and for those using our parts to design their own boats, we have provided 3-D CAD drawings of this part below.

We can ship bundles of up to 6 pieces with FedEx Ground, so if you need more than 6 lengths, select "6 lengths" and then the remaining number of lengths required. For intance, if you need 9 pieces, select "6 lengths" and then "3 lengths" from the drop-down menu below. If you require more than 18 lengths of this material, please contact us as it may make sense to ship via truck freight.

-$94.99 PER 165" LENGTH

If you want a light weight solution for decking your boat, this IS the answer. We designed this 6000 series extrusion specifically for our pontoon boat kits. Our goal was to make a light weight extrusion that is plenty strong and easy to fasten. At only 1.44 pounds per linear foot, this locally extruded material has a wide outer bottom flange that is designed to rivet through from under your boat. That means that you don't have exposed fasteners when installed. It comes with a smooth top surface that's ready for your carpet, vinyl, or truck bed liner type coating.

We do offer a cutting service for this material, but we will not sell less than full lengths. Our cut fee for this product is $10 per cut as it takes a little bit of set up and time to debur each piece.

8" wide x 1" tall
1.44 pounds per linear foot
Mill finish 6005A/T6511 aluminum
Available in 165" lengths

When installing this material, we recommend that it be installed with 3/16" diameter stainless steel rivets and 1/4" stainless bolts where you can not get a rivet gun to reach (outer edges). We recommend that every piece of decking be fastened with 2 rivets (or bolts) for the front and rear crossmembers, then each aluminum plank be fastened to every other crossmember, stagging between one plank to the next. This allows your boat's frame to retain its maximum strength. Please contact us if you would like further details on our fastening recommendations. Below we have links to the fasteners that we recommend from McMaster that you'll need to install your aluminum decking.