TinyPontoonBoats.com sells USA made HDPE plastic pipe floats for dredging and pumping operations. All of our floats are made out of a super tough HDPE plastic and have a closed-cell urethane foam filling. This combination makes for a super durable industrial product that just can't sink. Other clever features include tapered ends to minimize being pushed by current, multi-faceted inner clamping surfaces to securely clamp on your pipe or hose, and notches on the outer radius of each part to allow for easy stacking for transport or storage. Our pipe floats are offered in a bright orange color and include galvanized steel hardware.

Unlike the majority of our other products, we are not able to post pricing for our pipeline floats on our website. We're quite sorry for the inconvenience of that; we don't like it either. The reason for this is that the cost of production varies greatly due to the volume of each batch of floats being made. We simply don't want to charge more than we have to, so we're better off to quote individual orders to make sure you get the best deal possible. We typically have price breaks when a customer orders 10 or more of any particular size float, so please ask for pricing. It doesn't take long for us to send you a number knowing how many units you need.

Please see the SHIPPING and FAQ section at the bottom of this page for shipping details and other common questions.


Pipe Size
(ACTUAL pipe OD)
Overall diameter Overall length Bolt sets Weight Capacity at
50% submersion
6" (6.625"-6.9" OD) 24" 42" 6 65 lbs. 215 lbs.
8" (8.625 - 9.050" OD) 24" 42" 6 65 lbs. 204 lbs.
10" (10.75"-11.10" OD) 32" 36" 6 81 lbs. 315 lbs.
12" (12.75"-13.2" OD) 32" 40" 8 88 lbs. 330 lbs.
14" (14.0"-15.3" OD) 32" 45" 8 99 lbs. 355 lbs.
16" (16"-17.4" OD) 45" 45" 8 160 lbs. 745 lbs.
18" (18"-19.5" OD) 45" 45" 8 165 lbs. 765 lbs.
20" (20"-21.6" OD) 46.5" 45" 8 187 lbs. 820 lbs.
22" (22" OD) 46.5" 45" 8 187 lbs. 804 lbs.
24" (24"-25.8" OD) 48" 45" 8 193 lbs. 825 lbs.

Below we have provided reference tables for common HDPE IPS (iron pipe size) pipe used for dredging and pumping operations. Please be sure to physically measure the pipe that you need floats for before ordering and contact us with that information so we can verify which floats are correct for your application. We also have engineers available to calculate pipe submersion if you let us know what you're using for pipe and what you're pumping. Simply put: we're here to help!
PE 4710 material
DR7 (333 PSI rated)
DR9 (250 PSI rated)
DR11 (200 PSI rated)
Pipe Size Avg. OD Min Th. Avg. ID Weight/ft. Min Th. Avg. ID Weight/ft. Min Th. Avg. ID Weight/ft.
6" 6.625" 0.946" 4.619" 7.36 lbs. 0.736" 5.065" 5.96 lbs. 0.602" 5.349" 4.99 lbs.
8" 8.625" 1.232" 6.013" 12.48 lbs. 0.958" 6.594" 10.09 lbs. 0.784" 6.963" 8.46 lbs.
10" 10.750" 1.536" 7.494" 19.40 lbs. 1.194" 8.219" 15.68 lbs. 0.977" 8.679" 13.14 lbs.
12" 12.750" 1.821" 8.889" 27.28 lbs. 1.417" 9.746" 22.07 lbs. 1.159" 10.293" 18.49 lbs.
14" 14.000" 2.000" 9.760" 32.90 lbs. 1.556" 10.107" 26.61 lbs. 1.273" 11.301" 22.30 lbs.
16" 16.000" 2.286" 11.154" 42.97 lbs. 1.778" 12.231" 34.75 lbs. 1.455" 12.915" 29.12 lbs.
18" 18.000" 2.571" 12.549" 54.37 lbs. 2.000" 13.760" 43.97 lbs. 1.636" 14.532" 36.84 lbs.
20" 20.000" 2.857" 13.943" 67.13 lbs. 2.222" 15.289" 54.28 lbs. 1.818" 16.146" 45.49 lbs.
22" 22.000" 3.143" 15.337" 81.23 lbs. 2.444" 16.819" 65.68 lbs. 2.000" 17.76" 55.05 lbs.
24" 24.000" 3.429" 16.732" 96.67 lbs. 2.667" 18.346" 78.18 lbs. 2.182" 19.374" 65.52 lbs.

PE 4710 material
DR13.5 (160 PSI rated)
DR17 (125 PSI rated)
DR19 (111 PSI rated)
Pipe Size Avg. OD Min Th. Avg. ID Weight/ft. Min Th. Avg. ID Weight/ft. Min Th. Avg. ID Weight/ft.
6" 6.625" 0.491" 5.584" 4.15 lbs. 0.390" 5.798" 3.35 lbs. 0.349" 5.885" 3.02 lbs.
8" 8.625" 0.639" 7.270" 7.03 lbs. 0.507" 7.550" 5.68 lbs. 0.454" 7.663" 5.12 lbs.
10" 10.750" 0.796" 9.062" 10.92 lbs. 0.632" 9.410" 8.82 lbs. 0.566" 9.550" 7.95 lbs.
12" 12.750" 0.944" 10.749" 15.36 lbs. 0.750" 11.160" 12.41 lbs. 0.671" 11.327" 11.19 lbs.
14" 14.000" 1.037" 11.802" 18.52 lbs. 0.824" 12.253" 14.98 lbs. 0.737" 12.438" 13.49 lbs.
16" 16.00" 1.185" 13.488" 24.19 lbs. 0.941" 14.005" 19.55 lbs. 0.842" 14.215" 17.61 lbs.
18" 18.000" 1.333" 15.174" 30.61 lbs. 1.059" 15.755" 24.75 lbs. 0.947" 15.992" 22.29 lbs.
20" 20.000" 1.481" 16.860" 37.79 lbs. 1.176" 17.507" 30.53 lbs. 1.053" 17.768" 27.52 lbs.
22" 22.000" 1.630" 18.544" 45.75 lbs. 1.294" 19.257" 36.86 lbs. 1.158" 19.545" 33.30 lbs.
24" 24.000" 1.778" 20.231" 54.44 lbs. 1.412" 21.007" 43.99 lbs. 1.263" 21.322" 39.63 lbs.

PE 4710 material
DR21 (100 PSI rated)
DR26 (80 PSI rated)
DR32.5 (63 PSI rated)
Pipe Size Avg. OD Min Th. Avg. ID Weight/ft. Min Th. Avg. ID Weight/ft. Min Th. Avg. ID Weight/ft.
6" 6.625" 0.315" 5.957" 2.74 lbs. 0.255" 6.084" 2.24 lbs. 0.204" 6.193" 1.81 lbs.
8" 8.625" 0.411" 7.754" 4.66 lbs. 0.332" 7.921" 3.80 lbs. 0.265" 8.063" 3.06 lbs.
10" 10.750" 0.512" 9.665" 7.24 lbs. 0.413" 9.874" 5.90 lbs. 0.331" 10.048" 4.77 lbs.
12" 12.750" 0.607" 11.463" 10.17 lbs. 0.490" 11.711" 8.30 lbs. 0.392" 11.919" 6.69 lbs.
14" 14.000" 0.667" 12.586" 12.28 lbs. 0.538" 12.859" 10 lbs. 0.431" 13.086" 8.08 lbs.
16" 16.000" 0.762" 14.385" 16.03 lbs. 0.615" 14.696" 13.07 lbs. 0.492" 14.957" 10.54 lbs.
18" 18.000" 0.857" 16.183" 20.28 lbs. 0.692" 16.533" 16.54 lbs. 0.554" 16.826" 13.36 lbs.
20" 20.000" 0.952" 17.982" 25.03 lbs. 0.769" 18.370" 20.43 lbs. 0.615" 18.696" 16.48 lbs.
22" 22.000" 1.048" 19.778" 30.31 lbs. 0.846" 20.206" 24.72 lbs. 0.677" 20.565" 19.95 lbs.
24" 24.000" 1.143" 21.577" 36.06 lbs. 0.923" 22.043" 29.42 lbs. 0.738" 22.435" 23.72 lbs.

Q: How quickly do floats ship? How does shipping work?

A: To cover our tails, we have to say that turn-around time is typically 1-3 weeks, but we typically have stock of our most popular sizes of our pipe floats. Our busiest time for floats is typically March through July, but any time of the year, filling orders is our top priority, and floats ship as soon as possible. If you absolutely need floats to ship now, please be prepared to place the order with us as soon as you get our answer concerning inventory.

Our floats ship from our partnering factory in northeast AR. For US customers, our pipe floats always ship with FedEx Freight, unless you choose to pick-up in person at the plastics facility. Prior arrangements are required for local pick-up, and due to an on-going shipping schedule, 2-3 business days are required to have orders prepared for in-person pick-up. Purchases are not able to be made at the factory, and customers are not allowed to enter the manufacturing floor. Customers who arrive at the plastics facility without prior arrangements will be turned away.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: We ship via truck freight to Canada and Mexico, but if you're located outside of North America, we only ship via ocean freight. We can ship just about anywhere in the world, but it is most economical to pick-up at your local sea port if you're outside North America. When shipping via sea freight, the cost that you pay through us is ONLY the cost to get the freight onto the boat and physically to the local dock or to your doorstep. Your local port WILL have additional fees on top of our freight charge, and you WILL be responsible for your local importaion taxes and fees on top of those costs. We simply don't have a way to calculate or collect these fees ahead of delivery, so we strongly recommend doing your own research concerning the local fees you will encounter when importing our products. Also, many countries require working with an importation broker to file customs documents. We do not include this service and you will be responsible for making such arrangements.

The cost of shipping varies enough from one location to another that we are not able to provide an automated shipping calculator on our site. SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN OUR PRICING. When contacting us with your list of required floats for a quote, please be sure to also provide us with your COMPLETE shipping address; we are not able to quote freight with just a zip code. We will be happy to quote the freight at the same time so you know your total cost. Depending on what you're looking to order and where you are located, a fair amount of work can go into obtaining a freight quote, so please be reasonable with your requests. As the costs of shipping is constantly fluctuating, shipping quotes are typically only valid for a few days and extended shipping quotes are not available.

Q: How thick is the plastic on the floats? Precisely what is the material?

A: All of our pipe floats have a 1/4" thick outer shell that is made with super tough HDPE plastic. The shells are rotomolded parts that are made with ExxonMobile HD 8660 Rotational Molding HDPE granules. Click HERE to view the specification sheet for this material. This is the same type of material that drop-in pickup truck bed liners are snowmobile skis are made from. The internal foam filling is a non water absorbent urethane foam manufactured by Dow Chemicals. MSDS sheets for the HDPE granuals and urethane foam are available below.

HD 8660 HDPE granules MSDS
Dow Chemicals urethane foam MSDS

Q: What is the warranty on these floats?

A: Our floats have a 1-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. This period starts the day that the floats leave the factory. This is a 365 day period and the warranty covers the cost of freight for customers in the contiguous US (Alaska and Hawaii are not included), but not the cost of installation. For non-US customers, replacement parts themselves are covered under warranty, but the cost of freight is not included. If you receive a float and find a defect, please contact us as soon as possible and we will replace the part or parts after clear pictures of the defect or defects are received. Crash damage, misuse, and abuse are not covered under warranty.

Q: What happens if one breaks?

A: Our floats have been in production for over 30 years, and in the years of us selling them, we have not had a customer break or crack one of our floats. They really are tough as nails! However, if you do have the misfortune of piercing one, you can either easily replace the float, or repair it, but when the damage happens, your pipe won't sink due to the non-water absorbing urethane foam inside the float. If you choose to repair a float, remove it from the pipe, let it drain in a dry area for a couple days, and use a HDPE plastic welding kit (often advertised as a kayak repair kit - they use the same material). This is a kit that comes with a special electric soldering iron-type tool and some plastic welding rod. People who kayak uses this type of kit to repair their boats after rock damage. These kits are obtainable for about $60 on eBay or Amazon.

Q: How do your floats hold up if the water freezes? Will the ice break them?

A: This question comes up a lot when speaking with customers in colder climates, but it's more common for customers using our plastic pontoons to build boats. We have a few Canadian customers that have informed us that they've built floating rafts and work barges with our plastic pontoons, which are made from the same materials as our pipe floats, and they keep them in the water when it freezes. We've have not received any reports of failure, but we also froze one of our small rafts in the ice during the winter of 2019/2020 and it was unscathed come spring. We'll continue to test that ice raft year after year, but the short of it is that we do not have experience with our pipe floats in the ice. Being as beefy as the rest of our rotomolded float line, we have to imagine that our pipe floats would survive as well. If your question is about a couple inches of ice, you don't have to worry about it. If you're concernin is feet of ice, we really can't recommend it, but they would likely survive. Please bear in mind that ice damage is not covered under warranty.

Q: How is payment accepted?

A: For orders totaling up to $7000, we are able to accept payment via credit card, PayPal, check, or electronic bank transfer. Payment for orders totaling over $7000 must be in the form of a bank-to-bank wire transfer, ACH payment, company check, or certified bank check. Personal checks are not accepted for orders totaling over $7000. Payment is due at the time the order is placed, and no order will be placed into our production queue before payment is received. "Net" payment terms are not offered by Silver Lake Fabrication LLC. This is a steadfast company policy. All prices shown are in USD and are subject to change without prior public notice.

Q: How do returns and cancellations work?

A: Simply put, they do not work. We DO NOT accept returns and we WILL NOT cancel an order. We work hard to get orders out the door as quickly as possible and provide the best service that we can. This means that when you commit to a purchase, we have committed to fill the order in a timely manner. Once an order is placed, the money you've paid goes into materials and labor specifically for your order, and we don't get that back, even if you change your mind. We repeat, WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS AND WE WILL NOT CANCEL ORDERS.